Ready to welcome you in the heart of New Delhi
Built over 630 SQ yards, #TheIconic is a prime property in Okhla Phase III. The building, with 90% Glass Facade, will provide its tenants spectacular view of greens around the property, hence the name - Iconic. The building receives abundant sunlight especially during winter. Also as per Vastu Shahtra, the direction is considered auspicious. The eco-friendly design of this complete glass building, designed by famous architect Alex Joseph, delivers Perfect Space Consolidation Solution. #TheIconic is a five story complex strategically situated in Okhla Phase III, in vicinity of Asia’s largest IT market. Its architecture incorporates large, efficient floor plates, wide column span and high floor- to-floor clearances, for optimal space utilisation.

Futuristic design
Three Hands believe in building a greener, smarter, and healthier environment, with a user-centred approach. #TheIconic stands out as an exceptional quality office within the urban landscape. A one- of-a-kind building, it offers a mix of highly efficient office floors which can be divided based on the unique needs of the corporates/ occupants simply because we want to provide a strategic asset to our occupants. #TheIconic is designed meticulously to be highly functional while being aesthetically pleasing. Deeply oriented towards sustainability, the building boasts efficient usage of natural light. You will not only be connected to your work but also to the natural world in a way, never seen before


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