Environmental Policy

Our Environment is Everyone's Environment!Three Hands acknowledges the fundamental fact that this environment belongs to all and we share the responsibility of protecting it with others. Moreover, we realise the positive impact one can make on the bio-diversity of the eco-system we live in by adding to the rich environmental resources (water, air, energy and raw materials). Three Hands aspires to deliver sustainable environment to future generations along with building a strong and sustainable business.

To achieve these goal, Three Hands environment policy is to:
  • In spirit, adhere to or outclass requirements as applicable under various environment legislations and regulations
  • Judiciously use the natural resources by maximising recycling and minimising wastage in order to reduce pollution
  • Provide cleaner and greener environment surrounding our premises areas
Three Hands endeavours to implement its environment policy by:
  • Aptly orienting all organisational processes, selecting appropriate quantifiable targets and timely inspecting programmes and processes for compliance
  • Regularly upgrading the sustainability performance of the environment by using efficient advanced systems and renewable sources of energy, and promoting initiatives like rain water harvesting
  • Encouraging the use of eco-friendly products and services that contains recycled materials, as far as possible, on a lifecycle basis, and minimising generation of solid wastes, and also ensure that wastes are disposed through safer prescribed means
  • Enhancing the biodiversity by encouraging tree plantations and green landscaping in all it's real estate projects
  • Involving all it's associates including employees and vendors to adapt operational processes that reduces all kind of risks to environment, health or safety for themselves and others in the vicinity. Regular training is conducted for them to advocate environmental awareness and assist them to act in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Conveying organisation's commitments for environment and performance results to all our clients and customers to raise public awareness

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