About THREE HANDS Infrastructure

With a prime focus to build world class infrastructure for ever-changing needs of corporates in the Delhi NCR region, Three Hands has four business lines: Corporate Parks, Co-Working, Data Centers, and Warehouses.

Corporate Park

Three Hands provides a professional and conducive environment for work, often featuring a mix of office buildings, green spaces, and additional facilities. Its projects are Strategically Located in South Delhi, with connectivity to 2 Metro Stations, train stations. It is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces.

It currently has 6 projects in South Delhi’s Okhla Phase 3.



Threehands operates Co-Working Spaces under the brand label, Incubator. The workspaces are designed to provide a flexible and collaborative work environment, offering amenities and services that cater to the diverse needs of professionals.

It offers Flexible Workspace in three categories with complete amenities.

Hot Desks: Shared workstations that individuals can use on a first-come, first-served basis.
Dedicated Desks: Reserved workspaces for individuals or teams monthly.
Private Offices: Enclosed office spaces for teams of varying sizes.

Data Centers

Three Hands is working on building edge Data Centers in Delhi & Noida and Medium to Large Data Center in Jewar, Uttar Pradesh. It operates its Data Center business under the brand, IRON Vault.

IRON VAULT Edge Data Centers will be located in the heart of Delhi & Noida and being geographically closer to major corporates, it will process data closer to the source of generation or consumption, reducing latency and improving the performance of applications and services. The edge Data Centers will be less than 2 MW.

IRON VAULT Medium-Sized Data Centers falls between small-scale server rooms and larger enterprise data centers in terms of size, capacity, and capabilities. They will allow for the storage, processing, and management of data and applications. The typical Medium Sized Data Centers capacity will be less than 10 MW.


Delhi NCR is a significant economic and industrial hub in India, and efficient warehousing plays a crucial role in the supply chain. Three Hands is building warehouses on major highways connected with Delhi-Mumbai corridor. Types of Warehouses which it provides built-to-suit services are as below.

Distribution Centers: Focused on distributing goods to retailers or end consumers.
Cold Storage Warehouses: Maintain low temperatures for storing perishable goods.
Bulk Storage Warehouses: Store large quantities of goods in bulk.

CSR Initiative
As a corporate, Three Hands acknowledges to it's responsibility towards the society and have been continuously undertaking various initiatives like plantation drives, ensuring social services to economically weaker sections of the society etc. along with its other group companies.

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